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Hi. I'm Shidah from Malaysia. It's been a long since I opened up his account. Initially I used this account to get the information, download jdrama and variety show from others livejournal. Now, I will try to used this livejournal as much as I can.

A little bit introduction for myself

        Have already graduated from university in biomedical engineering course.
        Still searching for suitable job. (hope will be find it soon)
        At first, addicted to jdrama/j-artist/j-group -> kdrama/k-artist/k-group -> jdrama/j-artist/j-group
        First japanese idol group known -> morning musume
        Johnny's entertainment fan
        Now, favourite artist: j-group-> hey say jump, akb48 / k-group-> infinite, ze:a
        For those who are hey say jump's fan, hope we can be friends so that we can talk more about hsj. ^_^

Most favourite member from Johnnys Entertainment
        Hey say jump -> inoo kei, chinen yuri, yamada ryosuke (basically all the member)
        kattun -> kamenashi kazuya

Most favourite jdrama -> hana kimi, kindaichi shounen no jikenbo
Favourite genre -> crime, comedy, action, high school story

That's all for my introduction.
Thank you. ^_^
Happy birthday Dai-chan!!! Wish u alwayz be happy with JUMP and also hope you can get more drama and movies in the future.... ^_^
And you know what.... my birthday only a day early than your birthday but we shared in same year!!! It really surprise to know that our birthday only apart for a day and in the same year .... I'm really happy to know that... ^_^
To know that we are already 24, its kind of......... but even though, you are still cute like teenagers...
Anyway hope we can get what we want and wish in the future.....
Once again, otanjoubi omedatou, Dai-chan.... ^_^
Happy birthday Keito!! You are now 22 years old. Hope you will always be happy and study well so that you can be graduated like Inoo-kun. Your birthday just 13 days early than me but in the different years. Lastly, hope you can get more work either in drama or variety show. ^_^



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